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What is Appreiz?

Appreiz is a cloud-based performance management & social recognition application designed to help small to large businesses manage and improve employee engagement, performance appraisal and talent identification. Businesses can use gamification tools, rewards, and recognition from peers and teams to motivate staff to perform better.

Features of Appreiz include HR analytics, employee alignment, employee awards, surveys, goal management, activity tracking, manager-to-peer or peer-to-peer recognition, custom rating scales, customizable templates, and more. The performance management module allows users to set goals for employees, stay updated on check-ins, and manage feedback. Tools for HR analytics and organizational network analysis facilitate employee learning and development, promotability, internal recruitment, and more.

Appreiz comes with a centralized, real-time dashboard for managers, which enables them to enhance employee engagement instant polling to gain insights into employee pulse before and after events. The platform also integrates with several third-party application such as Slack, SAP Success Factors, Happy Meter, AskHR, MS team bots and more.

Overview of Appreiz benefits

Appreiz is about engaging employees through social recognition to maximize performance. Designed with millennials in mind, the Facebook-like interface delivers a simple powerful platform for a companys co-workers, managers and customers to provide instantaneous recognition for a co-worker who has demonstrated a competency, value or skill . The recognition is tied to gamified rewards marketplace. You can create your own rewards like employee of month etc. Employee can generate Appreiz graph.

Transform your company to millennial friendly workplace by motivating employees with peer recognition, on the spot awards and recognition based on values, competencies and skills with our Employee Recognition App. Gamified rewards raises the award experience and makes receiving and giving them fun and memorable.


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