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What is Arcoro?

Arcoro is a human resource (HR) software designed to help businesses in construction, healthcare, landscaping, manufacturing, engineering, utilities, finance, and IT industries manage applicant tracking, succession planning, onboarding, payroll, and compliance, among other processes. Administrators can assign courses to employees and monitor training completions, certificates, and progress on a dashboard.

Arcoro allows supervisors to view employees' performance and identify competencies using real-time ratings, talent matrix, actionable development plans, and filtering capabilities. Managers can configure staff members' review or evaluation forms including custom content, rating scales, and other sections. Supervisors can process paychecks and synchronize information about demographics, transactions, compensation rates, direct deposits, and more across modules. Businesses can schedule work shifts on a drag-and-drop interface and use GPS geofences to track employees' locations.

Arcoro enables organizations to approve or deny paid time off (PTO) requests and track new hires' progress using ad-hoc reports. Employees can also use the learning module to access enrolled courses and training assets from within a cloud-based repository.

Overview of Arcoro benefits


Streamline hiring and pre-hire onboarding. Secure top talent and check every compliance box.



Automate HR and workforce management. Enjoy seamless post-hire onboarding, HR compliance and employee engagement for your high-risk business.


Utilize performance and learning software to nurture management-employee relations, develop strong leadership, and remain legally compliant when workforce changes occur.

With our HR solution, Arcoro meets you at every HR compliance touchpoint, and makes compliance a clear and manageable task.

Our modules ensure your practices comply with key regulatory requirements, from Good Faith Recruiting to VEVRAA and from OSHA to Davis Bacon and the FLSA.

An all-in-one solution
that grows with you.
Adopting our closely aligned products allows you to build the perfect solution for today—and tomorrow.

Applicant Tracking
Your company’s success begins with who you hire—and hiring doesn’t have to consume all your time. Let our award-winning applicant tracking software help you build a talented team.


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