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What is Arist?

One of the biggest roadblocks to digital transformation is knowledge transfer. When employees can't create and take courses fast enough, knowledge transfer slows down.

With text message courses, training programs can finally meet learners where they are: That's why dozens of Fortune 500 companies use tools like Arist to create and deliver training via text.

Inspired by @Stanford research, text message courses are accessible to anyone, no LMS or laptop required. They’re effective, frictionless, and over 90% of people love them.

From delivering health training to disaster preparedness courses, leading governments, companies, and nonprofits trust @learnarist to deliver training accessible training in minutes.

Overview of Arist benefits

Current solutions are often ineffective, unengaging, and expensive, and in the US alone over 33 million employees are unable to learn due to internet and accessibility limitations. Most critically, digital courses are rarely built around the busy day-to-day lives of learners, who often don’t have more than a few minutes to spare.

Our data shows that text message courses fix each and every one of these fundamental problems.

With Arist, organizations can create hyper-engaging courses in minutes and enroll learners in seconds via SMS and WhatsApp — no laptop, LMS, or internet needed. 

For learners, Arist courses take just a few minutes a day and seamlessly embed into their day-to-day lives. As a result, we can save our clients thousands of hours and training dollars while delivering accessible learning and training that people genuinely love, with satisfaction rates of over 90%.


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