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What is Attensi?

Attensi is the world’s leading provider of gamified simulation training - the most effective way to upskill your people with measurable impact on your KPIs. Engage your staff with immersive 3D training, powered by the best insights from human psychology, learning, and gaming.

Whether on mobile, desktop, or VR, empower your people to master new skills with training they will want to complete and repeat. Recreate their working environments with advanced 3D graphics, realistic scenarios, and interactive dialogues with voice-acted avatars to test their knowledge. All in a safe, learning-by-doing environment. 

Attensi has delivered gamified simulation training in over 140 countries, in more than 30 languages. Our customers include BCG, Mercedes Benz, Circle K, Accenture, Hiscox, K Line, and many more.

Overview of Attensi benefits

All Attensi solutions are designed to be repeated. Why? Because documented research proves that repetition is essential to learning new skills and behaviours and getting knowledge to stick. By contrast, if training only occurs once, after just one month up to 80% of learning is lost. 

The game mechanics that underpin every Attensi solution are built with repetition in mind. They include engaging dialogues, immersive 3D graphics, memorable storytelling, captivating presentation, and competitive leaderboards.  

Using these mechanics and best practice from human psychology and learning, Attensi solutions inspire users to repeat their training multiple times. In typical applications, trainees often complete their modules 4 or 5 times, even after gaining certification. 

This level of engagement generates unrivalled data from the thousands of touchpoints in every training. These insights provide a comprehensive overview of your people’s progress in real time. The results can be tracked and measured against whatever KPIs matter to you. Use them to refine your training, improve any areas that show lower engagement, and spot any skills gaps. 

We work closely with our customers to develop gamified training solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Onboarding new employees, introducing new IT processes, replicating the behaviour of best performers, HSE and compliance training are just a few examples of where customers have excelled using Attensi gamified training. 


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