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What is Augmental: Learning. More personalized.?

Augmental is an end-to-end personalized learning platform where course material gets tailored for each user based on their learning profile while offering in-depth real-time analytics and reporting supporting decision-makers. Based on the learner’s interaction with course materials the algorithm redirects each learner on a unique path inside the course by giving the learner tailored made content or question that matches his/her learning style and level.

Our learning solution accommodates any language, curriculum, and subject while offering customization capabilities to cater to different learning use cases from every industry. This content-agnostic approach makes Augmental a lifelong learning platform.

On top of all that, Augmental’s is building the first marketplace for adaptive learning content and enriching it by collaboration with publishers as well as content creators such as educational video producers and qualified instructors.

Overview of Augmental: Learning. More personalized. benefits


The learning journey would become personalized for each learner based on the learning strengths taking into consideration the level and type of resources. This would result in a unique personalized path different from the current one size fits all approach. This provides all learners with an equal chance to succeed by working on closing their learning gaps.



We give the control back to the instructors through our real-time dashboard as well as our reports and analytics. This results a better one on one support for learners. We also give control to instructors over the content and lesson planning to deliver engaging and personalized lessons to all learners

Since day one, we worked closely with instructors and administrators, and learners in order to build a platform that can address the unique need of each stakeholder. We always learn from them through focus groups, surveys, and direct feedback.


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