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What is Augmentir?

Augmentir is afirst of its kind AI based performance support platform. By taking the noise out of inherently dirty work data through the use of AI, we can tell you exactly where a worker excels and where a worker has opportunity to improve. With this data you can laser focus on exactly where to support a worker/ workforce. While a number of support protocols can be leveraged, most often our clients embed the content to support this worker exactly at the task level it is needed. This approach allows for mass personalization of workflow based performance support of each and every worker.

Overview of Augmentir benefits

--Delivering personalized performance for every worker support at the exact point where it is required in order to perform optimally

--The ability to have workflows created based upon a new employee, recency of someone performing a job or task or any number of criteria

--The ability to assess how well traditional learning is translating to outcomes at the point of work, in order to refine lessons and other training mechanisms

--Powering data-driven program for workers to own their growth. Using AI as a carrot, our best clients use this data t engage a worker in owning their development

--Workers understand what they need to do to grow in their careers which from our client data is driving retention of their workforce

--The ability to hire more for potential and rapidly assess how to support a worker is increasing the gene pool of candidates in what is clearly a tight job market



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