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What is Axelleris?

Axelleris is a leader in transforming the efficiency of frontline workers through our innovative platform. We specialize in sequenced learning, upskilling, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Our mission is to tackle the pressing challenge of skill gaps in the workforce, leveraging our intuitive platform to accelerate on-the-job training (OJT) and skills acquisition. We understand the operational risks posed by a lack of skilled workers.

Our software transcends traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) by offering a comprehensive view of your organization's skill landscape.

We empower trainers and supervisors to overcome the complexities of technology and regulation changes, align products with their needs.

Our focus is on improving training and skills management in the manufacturing sector. 

Overview of Axelleris benefits

This process is achieved through a continuous six-step cycle:
Define Your Requirements: Organize your structure, identify workstations and their required roles, account for relief employees, and pinpoint critical and current skills. 

Risk Analysis Dashboard: Access real-time insights on ongoing and necessary actions through a comprehensive risk analysis dashboard. 

Recommended Learning Paths: Get access to sequenced and standardized learning paths for accelerated skill acquisition and consistent learning experiences. 

Built-in Audit Mechanisms: Ensure skills audit traceability with integrated stamps and mechanisms. 

Mobile Trainer App: Equip trainers with a mobile app featuring access to learning resources and evaluation guidelines. 

Integrated Workflows: Facilitate quick and effective skill validation and application on the shop floor with streamlined workflows. 




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