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What is Axero?

Times are changing and your intranet platform needs to adapt. Axero provides an award-winning intranet and employee experience platform. Axero's all-in-one platform provides companies an intranet that allows for communication, knowledge management, collaboration, task management, and development of their company culture. Our unified suite makes it easier than ever to launch modern intranets, employee hubs, enterprise portals & more.

Award-winning intranet and employee experience platform.
Down with legacy intranets and document dumping grounds that are difficult to update and impossible to maintain. Our unified suite of tools makes it easier than ever to launch modern intranets, employee hubs, enterprise portals, and much more. Connect your workforce in one integrated platform.

Overview of Axero benefits

We deliver an unmatched client experience.
Your intranet is a long-term investment. That’s why Axero builds partnerships with our clients—like we are part of your team—to drive ROI and value. You get the most responsive and thoughtful client experience and services you can imagine. Guaranteed.

Powerful integrations make for easy roll-outs.
Integrate with the systems you already use. From Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace to document management systems and single sign-on, your new intranet comes with out-of-the-box integrations so you can hit the ground running.

There’s no denying the fact that world has changed. How we work has also changed. And with our local communities starting to get back to normal, you can expect even more change. Get your business up to speed and ahead of the curve. With Axero, you get the speed and agility to adapt to the most demanding business challenges.



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