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What is BeED?

BeED Learning Management System
A single platform that supports multiple curricula for independent or network schools.

We focus on the holistic development of learners by integrating analytics, curriculum mapping, rubrical evaluations and more throughout the entire teaching and learning process.

Curriculum Builder
BeED LMS’s unique Curriculum Builder allows any institution to develop programmes that are wholly customizable and specific to their individual needs and preferences.

Lesson Builder
BeED’s Lesson Builder gives you the freedom to create, organize and share diverse lessons across your institution to ensure fluidity and cohesion of the subject matter taught.

Interactive mapping feature allows educators to create custom lessons based on their preferred pedagogy
Points and Maplinks help guide learners in facilitated or self-guided study

Unique "blocking" feature allows Educators to scaffold lesson content for step-by-step learning

Offline feature in the integrated BeED app allows Learners to continue their studies without interruption even in times of no connectivity.

Overview of BeED benefits

Award-Winning Learning Management System
Your school will continuously evolve – and so should your system. Unlike many other static platforms, BeED’s unique blocking feature allows for your institution to adapt and grow based on your own needs, however and whenever you want.

Develop your Learners for Life
We believe that learning is about more than just grades – it’s about developing the character of each unique learner. With our system, you can not only track the academic progress of every learner, but help shape their character and skills as well. Help your learners develop positive habits that continue beyond the classroom years to make them internationally-minded citizens of the future.

Educational tools should be affordable
We completely understand the struggle of providing your learners with the best while on a limited budget. By reducing the number of physical resources needed, our system offers a more sustainable and efficient option, saving you money and effort in the long run. Moreover, our system’s intuitive interface guides learners through the learning process, giving educators more and energy to do what they do best – educating and engaging. When you choose us, you get exactly what you see – there are no hidden charges, making us the more affordable solution when compared to others.


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