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What is Beekeeper?

Beekeeper is a secure, intuitive, and unified employee application that accelerates the digitization of workforces by making employees from various industries connected, engaged, and productive. It is a digital workplace and team communication platform that allows employees especially non-desk employees to work from any device anywhere. Beekeeper helps employees engage efficiently and effectively by enabling them to communicate with each other in real time, access and share files faster, and distribute contents that are aligned with the goals of their organization.

Beekeeper empowers organizations to establish a strong corporate culture that drives transparency and collaboration, allowing employees to actively voice out their thoughts and opinions on matters that concern them, connect and share experiences with colleagues from other shifts, departments, or locations, and work in an environment where their efforts and achievements are being acknowledged, recognized, and rewarded.

Overview of Beekeeper benefits

Consolidates All Communications In A Unified Solution

Real-time communication is among the great features offered by Beekeeper. Beekeeper is a unified team communication solution; therefore, it consolidates all internal communications in one place. Employees can exchange messages with each other individually or by group instantly without the need to use phone numbers or send emails. The app also enables them to centralize the way they store and share files, documents, and contents. As a result, they will be able to increase their productivity and deliver excellent customer service.

Unified Communication Channels

Beekeeper is also built with predefined communication streams or channels which enhance how employees engage with specific teams within their organization or their organization in its entirety. They can use these channels to share news, updates, and protocols which can be categorized using labels. Because of this, their colleagues can easily search for the information they need. In addition, the app provides users with the ability to define who can access contents as well as assign moderator privileges and roles to selected individuals. If they want to highlight and recognize the achievements of their employees, the communication streams can be used for such purpose, too. This allows users to set up a work environment where employees are being motivated and inspired to work and perform better.


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