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What is BigMarker Web Conferencing?

BigMarker is a video conference and webinar hosting system designed to help you reach out to your audience, simplify online meetings, and build your brand among others.

With BigMarker, you can easily engage your audience and promote your brand. You can also monetize the software by holding paid classes, training sessions, and seminars. The software can be customized to help you project that branded feel and vibe. With just a single click, you can facilitate meetings and share screens with people from anywhere.

This modern webinar and online events platform is an ideal solution to further extend the reach of your sales and marketing campaigns, provide crisp and clear instructions and training, turn every online gathering of people into a productive session, and more.

Overview of BigMarker Web Conferencing benefits

BigMarker provides you with a robust, feature-rich platform that lets you facilitate webinars, online meetings, online training, and more. Whatever the size of your audience or whether you want to monetize your sessions, BigMarker has all the tools and features to help you cover all the bases.

The software allows you to easily set up meetings and webinars and interact with any number of participants. Powerful features such as screen sharing, webinar recording, polls, and Q&A make your webinars interesting and more interactive, which then yield better results. Integrations with more than 500 business systems and applications such as Salesforce, MailChimp, HubSpot, and more, give you the flexibility you need to ensure that your processes are streamlined and the whole webinar journey is a success from start to finish.

Business meetings with clients, partners, and colleagues are all a breeze with BigMarker. Whether you are making a pitch for a new business idea or have a graphical visualization to present, you can be sure that the other side sees and hear what you want to convey. This ensures that you are all on the same page, completely on the same level with everyone.

Do you have an interesting knowledge you want to share for a fee? Or skills you want others to learn for a reasonable price? With BigMarker, you can demonstrate and present whatever you are selling live to a paying audience.  


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