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What is BigTime?

BigTime is the access-anywhere operating system behind the greatest professional services teams on the planet. See how we help your project-driven firm track and bill its most important asset: time. BigTime can help you take the guesswork out of utilization, capacity planning, and revenue projections. Users can manage project teams, work in process (WIP), as well as measure profitability per project, and even per staff. BigTime helps users get paid faster with the least amount of friction. Organizations can streamline the workflow with the Quickbooks integration developed by the BigTime development team, selected by Intuit as their OEM developers.

Users can track and report on their team's time and expenses online using BigTime's iPhone or Android apps when they're on the go. BigTime's web app is accessible from a web browser and responds to any device size. Improve business cash flow with BigTime by tracking WIP, and effectively bill throughout the project to keep the cash flow coming in. Tracking and reporting accurately in BigTime allows users to give customers peace of mind that their investment is worthwhile, eliminating any objections to payment.

Users can manage contractors, and invite them to join the project team as needed, and track their time per project. BigTime's expert consultants will walk users through how BigTime can be used in their business to truly optimize business workflow.

Overview of BigTime benefits

Track Smarter:
The highest-rated time and expense entry system in the marketplace. Intuitive data entry system that lets your users log time quickly.

Bill Faster:
Invoice faster and realize more revenue by leveraging BigTime’s central hub for tracking WIP, drafts, billing rates, cost rates, PDF formats, billing rules, and more.

Craft Better Teams:
Get a real-time look at resource allocations and avoid over/under scheduling–keeping your consulting teams happy.

Standardize Workflows:
Streamline internal processes from project creation, setting budgets, approving time and expenses, to sending custom client invoices.

Level-Up Your Leadership:
BigTime's dashboards, analytics, and standard reports help leadership to focus on data, without any offline spreadsheets or extra tools.

Leverage Your Ecosystem:
BigTime was built to leverage your entire Cloud-based ecosystem, out of the box, with deep integrations to the tools you already use.


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