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What is Bites Learning - Employee engagement?

Bites is based on three main pillars:
1. Story-like, intuitive, and enjoyable content creation tool
❑ Anyone in the company can create professional digital units quickly and easily
❑ Complete training experience for frontline employees with quizzes, flashcards, and discussion

2. Integration with existing communications channels (MS Teams, WhatsApp, SMS, Slack etc.)
❑ No need to implement a new platform: Bites integrates as another layer on the existing and engaging channels.
❑ Plug and play: zero onboarding time
❑ Organic knowledge base: users have a personal feed of all communicaitons and training materials

3. Analytics dashboard for admins to monitor employee progress and manage content

When using Bites for training and communications you'll enjoy:

● Completion rates of consistently > 90% on training materials
● Time and capital savings on:
❑ Face-to-face training sessions done remotely
❑ Onboarding and repeat trainings
❑ Improved employee engagement and productivity
● Boost in employee productivity and engagement
● Improved employee experience and support leading to upskilling and mastering core
● Implementation of modern training and engagement solution, meeting needs of modern frontline employees with shotr-form, authentic content - just like on social media! 

Overview of Bites Learning - Employee engagement benefits

❑ No onboarding hassle - start creating and sharing with your team in minutes

❑ up-to-date - turn your training and communications into short-form, authentic videos, just like on social media 

❑ No dedicated app for the users - share your training via instant messaging apps your employees already use

❑ Save training and onboarding costs -

  ● create your content once, share it again and again 

  ● Face-to-face training can now be done remotely. According to our client's study, they saved $30K per training day conducted

❑ Improve employee engagement by sharing relevant, short-form, bite-size, content directly to their mobile devices. The employees can access the content 

❑ Employee experience improves by friendly onboarding and ongoing training

❑ Completion rates lift - consistently > 90% on training materials (vs industry standard of 30-40% for LMSs)

❑ Fortune 500 tech manufacturers found that 82% of their employees used Bites regularly for their training needs



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