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What is Blink?

Unlock the true potential of your frontline.
Don't underestimate the power of an engaged frontline. We've seen it in action, and it's spectacular. It creates loyalty. Stronger relationships. Long-term retention. Better service. After all, no one gets closer to your customers than the frontline. They are your greatest untapped asset. And the time to empower them is now.

Empower employees to maximize their impact.
Everyone wants to do the job they've been hired for to the best of their abilities. We make that happen by giving frontline access to previously restricted tools and processes. These autonomous decisions help increase the quality of their output.

Lift your frontline out of the Dark Ages.
Well, almost. Most frontline communication technology is stuck in the 80s: noticeboards and posters. There's no two-way flow of conversation between managers and key workers; it's a monologue, rather than a dialogue. This needs to change. With Blink, you equip the frontline with a voice.

Overview of Blink benefits

Your entire team in the loop with Feed.
The Feed brings together a sense of community within your business that could otherwise feel cold and fragmented. It pieces together remote working in a way that feels human.

Create a group for every conversation.
In Blink, conversations happen in groups — organised by topic, project, team, or whatever makes sense for your company. Groups ensure the right people don’t get left out and key information isn't lost.

Integrate with the services you already use.
Blink integrates with the apps and services you and your team already use every day. Information flows into the stream of the feed so everyone can see it — or act on it — inside Blink.

Important files all in one place.
Blink makes your files easily available to the teams that need them, on the mobile devices they always have with them.


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