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What is Blizz?

Blizz is a reliable and blazing-fast online meeting solution that enables employees and team members distributed across the world to connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other. This is a global collaboration solution that provides users all the tools they need so they can engage with their teams, colleagues, and clients much better, optimize their business processes, boost productivity, and build a strong and powerful remote culture.

With Blizz, users will be able to communicate and collaborate as a team regardless of wherever they are currently located at and whatever device they are using. The online meeting solution is flexible because it offers different ways of communication and collaboration which include high-definition video and audio calling and conferencing, VoIP calling, instant messaging, and screen sharing.

Blizz makes it very easy for users to set up web meetings. They can instantly start and run a web meeting in just a single click. Participants can also connect and join in a web meeting easily right straight from their web browser or mobile device. Meeting and conference sessions can be recorded as well, allowing users to capture and document their meetings and screen sharing sessions for future reference or legal purposes.

Overview of Blizz benefits

Blizz makes it possible for users to communicate and collaborate on matters related to their jobs and projects wherever they are and whatever device they are using. They can set up the solution on any desktop computer, whether Mac or Windows,  and send notifications or emails to others so they will be added as contacts. If they want a contact to join in a video meeting, voice call, or screen sharing session, they can invite him or her by simply clicking the contact’s name. Participants can join in online meetings right straight from their web browser or mobile device.

They can even shift from one device to another while the meeting is being held. For instance, they can join in a meeting from their iOS device and move to their desktop computer to continue the meeting later on. Blizz also synchronizes chat conversations between devices, permitting users to keep track of discussions and respond to chat messages even if they move from one device to another.

Blizz has a high-definition video conferencing feature that enables users to run meetings through video calling. Whether they want to initiate a one-on-one interaction or run a meeting participated by more than two persons, the solution supports whatever type of video meeting they want. With this feature, they will feel that as if they are talking with their colleagues or clients face to face even if they are located in distant places.


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