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What is Blue Engagement Surveys?

Blue is eXplorance’s survey creation and management solution designed for medium-sized organizations and companies, and large enterprises. Flexible and scalable, the enterprise-class software helps users make better products, improve their services and processes, and develop fully engaged and productive employees.

Blue is a part of eXplorance’s suite of evaluation, assessment, and feedback management applications. The software allows users to create different types of questionnaires that can be answered in different ways. They will be able to send questionnaires to a specific set of respondents they invited or to a public audience. In addition, users can automatically launch their online surveys based on dates or the trigger criteria they set. Once their questionnaires are answered, they can customize how the actionable data will be presented.

Overview of Blue Engagement Surveys benefits

Blue provides users with the opportunity to create custom reports to show the data they obtain from their online surveys. With this capability, they will be able to personalize how results from their surveys will be presented to their vendors, employees, customers, and stakeholders. They can also incorporate their brand into their reports. To display survey data; they can use graphs, charts, tables, statistics, and more.

In terms of analyzing their survey data and results, they also have the opportunity to add insights to their data. Thus, they can analyze their data based on the behavior or demographics of their audience or respondents. In addition, they can use performance as an analysis point.

Survey results are also delivered in real-time. This means as soon as their respondents answer their questionnaires, data is automatically transmitted by the software. Therefore, users will be able to determine response rates instantly. Through the aid of live reporting, they will be able to monitor their online surveys on the fly.


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