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What is Blueboard?

BlueBoard is a solution custom-built for brands and manufacturers who sell their merchandise through online resellers. This platform makes it seamless to detect if your goods are still in stock with the resellers or are sold out. By being alerted about this matter in real time, you can also respond to the situation promptly.

Apart from that, BlueBoard is also capable of helping you monitor what consumers have to say about your items. The platform consolidates reviews in a single interface to enable you to reply with a single click.

Moreover, BlueBoard affords you the ability to track your and your competitions’ prices. This way, you can adjust your own pricing strategies accordingly to win over more purchasers.

Overview of Blueboard benefits

Stock Levels Monitoring

BlueBoard helps you make sure that your products are available at all times in online retailers’ shops. It does this by monitoring stock levers around the clock to give you a complete overview at any time. Additionally, the solution can give you a complete record of where your items have healthy stock levels and where they are sold out. With this functionality, you can determine which web-based resellers are popular amongst consumers so you can ensure they have your items on hand at all times.

Consumer Reviews Aggregation

Whenever a new review regarding any of your products is posted online, BlueBoard sends you an alert immediately. It can do this because it monitors product pages constantly for feedback from users. Because of this capability, you can mitigate any negative reviews about your items and brand to ensure your good reputation in the market and among consumers.

Real-Time Price Tracking

Knowing the difference in pricing between you and your competition can help you enhance your pricing strategies. BlueBoard assists you in this regard by providing you with real-time pricing reports. Using these, you can understand the reasons behind the fluctuation of prices. As such, you can plan for the future with a bulletproof strategy.


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