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What is Boardon?

Boardon is a cloud-based preboarding and onboarding solution that can give newcomers a great branded experience. It is easy to send an invite after recruitment by mail or text message that takes the newcomer directly into their personal onboarding portal. In the portal, organisations can distribute YouTube/Vimeo videos or other types of linked content together with quizzes or articles. Administrators can also assign tasks in a timeline to guide employees through their initial days using conditional direct links.
Administrators can follow the progress of the employee in detailed reports and automate data retention with company wide polies of deletion and anonymisation after the onboarding is finished.

Overview of Boardon benefits

Create Content

You can upload files, create quizzes, write articles, link Youtube videos and other external material. You can add activities, fixed date events and place them on the newcomer’s timeline.

Then you create role-specific or general introduction plans where you piece all the content together.

Send Invites

You can create standard notifications and invitation texts, but you can also personalize them for each invitation.

The invitation lands conveniently in the newcomer’s phone and/or as an email.

Add Newcomers

All you need to create a user is; name, email address and/or phone number.

For bigger companies, the batch function is useful, when you want to add many users at once.


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