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What is Bonzai Intranet?

Bonzai Intranet is a SaaS intranet platform with flexible, pre-built features for SharePoint and Office 365. It's a digital workplace that engages and empowers non-technical users for better collaboration and productivity across the organization. It includes tools for company communications, news, document sharing and management, and rapid, accurate search that enables anyone to find anything quickly.

Companies are able to share stories, departmental updates and organizational news across the entire organization, or target content to specific departments. Users are able to post updates and stories to a specific channel, along with navigation features to help employees find relevant content. The platform’s integration with SharePoint and Office 365 helps users better plan, manage and register for events. Bonzai also features custom event capabilities such as calendar integration, attendance tracking, automated reminders, and more. Tools for document management provide access to important resources such as forms, policies, and procedures, including version history, preview and search functionality.

Overview of Bonzai Intranet benefits

Bonzai’s MarketPlace enables employees to support their favorite charity or buy, sell and give away spare items within the community. Users can add photos, a description of an item or service offered or wanted, and include a price, or donate proceeds from items sold to causes. Social interaction features such as likes, shares, comments, and feedback along with the built-in Yammer integration help create an interactive online community. With Bonzai, teams get intranet access anywhere, anytime, and on any web-enabled device, or through the native iOS app. Customizable branding allows organizations to apply personalized colors, fonts, and logos, as well as images for the background, header and footer.

SharePoint Intranet
Built on the SharePoint platform by SharePoint and Microsoft 365 (formally Office 365) experts, Bonzai is ready to launch in as little as five weeks.  
Smart Search
Our innovative search features make it easy to find people, information and documents.

Intuitive Experience
Modern, reliable and incredibly easy to use – Bonzai brings together all the information you need.

Integrate Everywhere
Bonzai’s SmartConnectors work with all your enterprise applications.
Effective Communication
Get your messages noticed with targeted, relevant alerts.
Mobile Workforce
Our fully responsive design works wherever your employees do.
Customize In Minutes
Bonzai gives you a full library of templates to make creating personalized, professional pages easy.
Increase Engagement
Bring your team together with the ability to comment, like and share posts.


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