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What is Book-IT LMS?

Provides educational institutions with a cloud-based Learning
Management System (LMS) that amongst other things enables students
to work remotely by registering for courses, receiving lectures, delivering assignments, creating and executing tasks and also taking quizzes and tests.

With modern technology, the app reduces instructors' work by
providing administrative tasks such as assessments and collation of
results as well as dispatching course materials and announcements. With the introduction of technology in completion of the above tasks,
our clientele saves 80-90% on time and about 40-50% cost reduction in
administrative overheads. book-it is a 3 tier LMS that consists of learning, content and administration management all in one solution 

Overview of Book-IT LMS benefits

Book-It - a model of a virtual learning environment encompasses numerous activities performed by teachers and students in school thereby bridging the existing gap among students and lecturers in the quest for making learning much more interactive via seamless interfaces. The functionalities of the application are outlined below:

1. Academic Subject System
Students and lecturers have proper visibility of the Program offered. user is onboarded on the platform and profiled based on the term and program, information displayed on the course system range from term, class, department (Nursing, pre-med or pharmacy).

2. Assessment & Grading System
The application allows lecturers to dispatch assignments, conduct timed tests, quizzes, and examinations based on multiple-choice and fill in the gap questions to students offering a selected course administered by the lecturer creating the tests or assignments. 

3.  Forum
The forum section is also integrated into the application in our quest to sustain user interactivity. Students are grouped into class feeds which categorize users based on classes immediately a student account is profiled according to their department and class. 

4. Intuitive Dashboard
A well-organized central interface for general overviews and links to app resources. Comprehensive search engine to collate results like subject materials, Instructor names, Subject names, topics, schedules, deadlines, etc.

5. Announcements
instant notification system for making announcements to all users. Students and lecturers would always be updated with information

6. Electronic Library
repository for subject materials and resources shared between students and lecturers which makes shared content easily accessed.  



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