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What is BrainCert Meeting Room?

BrainCert's 'Meeting Rooms' platform facilitates convenient participation in face-to-face audio and video conferences with multiple interactive whiteboards and group screen sharing capability. It’s an all-in-one learning, teaching & collaboration platform which is intelligently designed to fit the way you work.

Meeting Room's responsive interface is powered by WebRTC and HTML5 technology. Almost optimized for all devices that include mobile, tablet and web.

Collaborate face-to-face with your attendees in real-time high quality audio & video conferencing with automatic speaker detection.Customize your meeting link URL to match your company's brand or to the meeting subject. Share this customized URL with your attendees for a quick and easy way to join your meeting. 

Overview of BrainCert Meeting Room benefits

Benefits of BrainCert Meeting Room:

HD Video and Audio:

Supports HD video and audio conference that helps users to collaborate face-to-face with participants in real-time.

Multiple Whiteboards:

Every pixel of the Virtual Classroom has been completely redesigned to give you the power to write or draw effortlessly. True responsive whiteboard that looks the same in all devices - be it Mobile, Web or Tablet.

Group Screen Sharing:

Group Screen Sharing in HD allows instructors and students to share their computer screens in a tabbed whiteboard interface. Instructor can switch between multiple screens that are color coded for easy identification.

Personalized URL:

Customize the meeting link URL to match either to company's brand or to the meeting subject. Share this customized URL with your attendees for a quick and easy way to join your meeting.

Record and Share videos easily :

Server-side HTML5-based session recording without the need to install any other software or browser plugins. Download recorded lessons in HD, create unique links and share with your attendees.

Free SSL Certificate

With just a few clicks, you can fully encrypt your custom hostname, improving your security and performance, increasing customer trust, and boosting your SEO.


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