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What is BrainCert Virtual Classroom?

Ours is a WebRTC based virtual classroom platfrom tailored to cater to organizatios & educational institutions to deliver live classes, meetings, webinars, and conferences to remote audience.  

The platform is powered by WebRTC and HTML5 technology and  is optimized for almost any device. Be it Mobile, Web or Tablet, BrainCert has you covered!

BrainCert's virtual classroom platfrom comes out of the box with powerful collaboration tools and features like

  • Interactive whiteboad 
  • HD video/Audio conferencing
  • Group screen sharing
  • Line tools & shapes
  • Document reader & annotaton tools
  • Cloud media player
  • RTL support 
  • Mobile/Tablet support
  • White-label platform
  •  LaTeX Equation Editor
  • Wolfram|Alpha 
  • Supports over 50 languages 
  • Code editor tools



Overview of BrainCert Virtual Classroom benefits

BrainCert Virtual Classroom Platform has been specifically tailored for organizations & eductional institutions to foster a collborative online learning environment. Here are the benefits of BrainCert virtual classroom platfrom in a nutshell.

1. Tailored for online classes 

  • Interactive whiteboard with a responsive theme.
  • Mobile/Platform ready solution 
  • Easy to use & intuitive 
  • Built-in cloud media player
  • Built-in LaTeX Equation Editor & Wolfram|Alpha 
  • Server side session recording to deliver blended learning
  • Attendance reports 
  • Electronic hand raise features 
  • HD video/Audio conferencing

2. White Label Solution

  • Customize the Virtual Classroom Platfrom with your brand logo & colour. 
  • Developer friendly APIs to seamlessly integrate the Virtual Classroom with your existing website/CMS.

3. Technological Advantages 

  • Deep SFU/MCU WebRTC engine powered by Simulcast for best quality video streams.
  • Disruptive WebRTC Alternative Route Path (WARP) technology that offers the best possible performance to end users.
  • 256-bit Strong Encryption
  • 10 low-latency edge locations worldwide, spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
  • Low-latency network traversal service.

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