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What is Bravon?

Bravon is a all-in-one gamification platform at the service of productivity and employee engagement, so each company can create its strategy.
Our Platform rests on 3 major features:

  1. Drive Engagement: Make users attached to your business with clear goals and paths to success.
    • Train and improve mindfulness while home working.
    • Implement a Rewarding strategy for your employees or customers.
    • Manage recognition within the team and reward the best customers.
    • Motivate user to excel by transparently sharing real-time progress as well as achievements.
    • Implement a collaboration strategy by creating shared objectives forcing collaboration.
    • Execute surveys campaign to evaluate the engagement level and the user’s mood as well as your customers’ loyalty rate.
    • Execute advanced user profiling to knew better your members.
    • Private chats and channels groups discussions to be sure everyone is connected.
    • An Omni channel communication inbox to spread the messages instantly.
  2. Boost Performance: Applying game mechanics to sales or technical tasks to motivate and engage teams or customers private sessions.
    • Set personalized groups goals with real-time tracking and achievements recognition.
    • Implement a Rewarding strategy and manage them into a centralize virtual wallet.
    • Define your journeys to involve customers & employees according to their expectations and your goals.
    • Create challenges inside users groups to activate the positive peer effect.
  3. Improve Learning: Turning learning into a fun and impactful learning experience allowing to increase users' completion rate
    • Microlearning tools enabling you to manage and monitor learning activities that your users or employees can consume at their own pace.
    • and many more...


Overview of Bravon benefits

Bravon mission is clear: help companies and individuals improve engagement, boost their performance and develop skills. 

Bravon platform helps you to know better your users (can be employees, clients, partners, etc) through insights and other data Bravon collects and create the best journeys for them based on your goals.

To keep users engaged in these journeys we apply gaming techniques to the tasks, so the users will always trying to get the best out of every step.

We believe that even digital workspaces can be fun and interactive and that is possible to keep young generations committed to their daily jobs as much as they would be by playing online videogames, that is why it is so important to know who are they.


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