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What is Breezy?

Breezy HR is an up-to-date, perfected HR manager for small, medium, and large businesses. Often described as the ‘miracle of intuitiveness’, Breezy collected all the best practices in hiring and HR management, and delivered a system where you can make the most of collaborative recruiting, and streamline employee management to an extent you never believed was possible.

On top of that, Breezy HR is well-integrated and easy to use, and it will thereof blend in your software infrastructure regardless of how it looks. The integrations are the source of impeccable effectiveness, alongside numerous valuable features, some of which cannot be found in any similar HR system. What is really catchy about Breezy HR is how it balances between professionalism and  price – small and medium businesses make use of all essential features at a moderately fixed price, while their larger counterparts make use of a quote-based enterprise pricing. It is because the company genuinely cares about delivering the functionality you need, on a price that you can afford.

Overview of Breezy benefits

Our expert team examined closely each of the below-mentioned features Breezy can offer, and concluded there is a long list of benefits for buyers to consider when it comes to this system. Before everything else. Breezy is a modern and very intuitive HR manager, which means your entire team will grab hands around it in a matter of few hours. When is the last time this happened with a new software system? Many companies don’t recall such moment!

Breezy HR covers all HR needs, from advertising open positions to streamlining employee communication, and does so with minimal human intervention. It is connected to AngelList and LinkedIn from where it sources talented candidates, and invites them to the system with a one-click Google Chrome Extension. Afterwards, clients are contacted in the same system, and interviewed in a video meeting to help you acquit their skills and personality. You also get to message them directly, and share files in all formats.


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