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What is Brightbook?

Brightbook provides an authoring tool that makes knowledge sharing easy and effective. Our intuitive tool helps professionals create, manage, and distribute engaging and impactful course material that sticks. The author can focus on the content, Brightbook takes care of the lay-out. With Brightbook, the focus lies on activating and personalised learning content so that learning becomes an immersive journey, empowering learners to reach their full potential.

Brightbook can be used in the classroom, with the help of a presentation mode, but it can also support intervisions or self-study. With a print-on-demand function you can strive for an ideal balance between paper and digital. In that sense Brightbook is ready for a green and sustainable future.

Overview of Brightbook benefits

With Brightbook:
- Teachers can focus on the content, they don't have to worry about lay-out any longer.
- A balance between digital and print is easily found, given Brightbook' s print-on-demand feature.
- Teaching is more interactive because of the use of exercices and multi-media.
- With the help of a presentation mode feature, one syllabus or course manual can be used in multiple learning settings, in the classroom, during self-study or group work.
- A syllabus or course manual can be easily updated.
- Support is assured. A user can rely on an onboarding trajectory, master classes and on-demand support.


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