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What is Cadmus?

Cadmus helps universities achieve institutional goals and improve outcomes through better assessment experiences. Our secure, online assessment platform facilitates an end-to-end assessment workflow, simplifying the process of implementing best practice assessment at scale. By empowering academics and supporting students, Cadmus can be used to solve the biggest challenges faced by universities today including academic integrity, student retention, remote learning, and online exams.

Professor Andrew Ooi, Associate Dean at the University of Melbourne:

"We see Cadmus as one of the leaders in digital assessment. The novel approach in which Cadmus supports students and encourages them to "do the right thing" has transformed the way we think about assessment. Cadmus creates a safe space for students to be creative and to put forward ideas while gently reminding them of the importance of academic integrity. This is a fantastic way to reduce the number of academic misconduct cases in online assessments."

Professor Raoul Mulder, Academic at The University of Melbourne: 

"Cadmus has evolved to be so much more than a platform for authentic digital assessment. For students, it is now a one-stop creative environment where all of their learning supports are intelligently integrated. Staff meanwhile, are no longer in the dark about how their students are progressing with an assignment. They gain real-time, class-level actionable insight which they can draw on to better scaffold student learning, for instance with improved resources, or more timely support and communication."


Overview of Cadmus benefits

For Universities 

  • Implement high-quality digital assessment, consistently and at scale
  • Improve retention, student experience and academic integrity outcomes
  • Provide reputational assurance through holistic academic integrity safeguards
  • Reduce costs through reduced teacher workload and amplified learning design efforts
  • Access ongoing support and implementation expertise

For Implementation Teams

  • Easily implement high-quality digital assessment, consistently and at scale
  • Improve retention, student experience and academic integrity outcomes
  • Access ongoing support and implementation expertise
  • Leverage data and learning analytics
  • Increase staff assessment design capability

For Educators

  • Improve assessment quality
  • Reduce workload designing and managing assessment
  • Gain insight into student learning and engagement with analytics
  • Provide more support for students

For Learners

  • A simple and stress-free assessment workflow
  • Access learning support and resources when needed
  • Receive plagiarism guidance and feedback in-app
  • Complete more engaging and scaffolded assessment

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