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What is Cards micro-learning?

Cards micro-learning is the easiest solution to create short & memorable trainings in no time!

• The Web App: to create, share and follow the short courses
• The Mobile App: to follow its trainings & contents in 3 to 5 minutes

Cards micro-learning is:
A microlearning platform to reduce infobesity at work!

With Cards, everyone in your company can create short and memorable micro-learnings in no time!

Our platform has a web administration interface (easy to use & accessible to anyone in the company) to create microlearning contents, a mobile-learning app + an access from a web-browser.

- 15-days FREE trial
- No credit card required
- Cancel anytime

Free trial ✌️

Overview of Cards micro-learning benefits

In a company 💼 internal knowledge (that of the employees: their knowledge, experience and know-how) is an invaluable asset. And this, as much for them as for the company itself.

The problem?
- This knowledge is not widely shared 😱
- Daily infobesity degrades everyone's QWL, performance and memory 🤯
- Internal trainings are too rare, the supports are indigestible and very afraid to be memorized 😓

What do we do? We wait and see?
🛑 NO 🛑

We're committed to allowing everyone, regardless of their position in the company, to create short, memorable micro-trainings.

We thus allow them to share their knowledge, expertise or even tips and tutorials.

Bottom line:
- it facilitates the arrival of new employees (and especially their memorization during onboarding)
- we give the power back to the internal teams: they share their knowledge
- internal / external training is lightened: the materials become digestible and accessible by everyone, all the time.

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