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What is CaseFox?

CaseFox is a comprehensive legal billing and case management software designed to streamline the administrative tasks of law firms, solo practitioners, and legal professionals. With features like time tracking, invoicing, trust accounting, and case management, CaseFox simplifies the workflow, ensuring accurate and efficient operations. CaseFox seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, Xero Accounting, and Office 365, allowing for smooth financial management and enhanced productivity. Its powerful time and expense tracking tools help legal professionals manage billable hours and expenses with precision. The user-friendly interface and cloud-based access enable practice management from anywhere, making CaseFox the go-to solution for efficient and reliable legal practice management.

Overview of CaseFox benefits

1. Client Intake: Simplify the client intake process with CaseFox's intuitive features. Easily capture and organize client information, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.

2. Conflict Check: Ensure compliance and mitigate risks by conducting conflict checks effortlessly within CaseFox.

3. Case Management: Stay organized and efficient with CaseFox's comprehensive case management tools. From organizing case files to tracking deadlines and milestones.

4. Time & Expense Tracking: Track billable hours and expenses accurately with CaseFox's robust time and expense tracking features.

5. Legal Billing: Streamline your billing process. Generate invoices quickly, customize billing rates & ensure timely payments, enhancing cash flow for your firm.

6. Bulk Invoice Generation: Save time and effort by generating invoices in bulk with CaseFox.

7. LEDES Billing: Generate LEDES-compliant invoices effortlessly, meeting the requirements of corporate clients and government agencies.

8. Legal Accounting: Track trust funds, manage expenses & reconcile accounts seamlessly, ensuring accurate financial reporting.

9. Document Management: Centralize and organize your documents with CaseFox's document management system

10. Advanced Reporting: Generate custom reports on billing, time tracking, expenses & more, enabling data-driven decision-making.

11. Legal Calendaring: Never miss a deadline with CaseFox's legal calendaring tools. Easily schedule appointments, track court dates & set reminders, ensuring you stay on top of your legal obligations.

12. Client Portal: Enhance client communication and collaboration with CaseFox's client portal. Provide clients with secure access to case information, invoices, and documents, fostering transparency & trust.

13. Task Management: Assign tasks, set deadlines & track progress seamlessly, ensuring efficient workflow management.

14. Online Payments: Accept payments securely online, improving convenience for your clients and accelerating cash flow for your firm.


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