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What is CertifyMe?

CertifyMe helps trainers, teachers, event marketers, and HR professionals award Cryptographic Digital Certificates and Badges with just a couple of clicks.
CertifyMe is the most trusted end-to-end solution for creating, issuing, and managing Digital Credentials.

We are a VC backed SAAS-based Startup Based out of Bangalore India.

CertifyMe is among the top 3 Digital Credential Management platforms across the globe and scores to be the best in the category of Customer satisfaction and value for money. Our platform is used across the globe by 800+ institutions. G2 crowd asserts CertifyMe as a High Performer in its G2 grid and Media99 Research form has awarded CertifyMe as the most trusted Credential Management platform.

As a philosophy, we believe that when our platform generates a credential we also generate a possibility of an extra smile on this planet.

Our mission is to become the most trusted credential platform and thus maximizing the number of smiles generated by end of 2024. We would love if you could be part of our humble journey.

Overview of CertifyMe benefits

  • CertifyMe enables Trainers and HR teams to award Cryptographically Verifiable Certificates & Badges with just a couple of clicks.
  • White Labeled, Easy to Use , Crypto Credentials with 40+ features
  • Each of our credentials is enabled with a unique QR Code,Our Immutable Cryptographic Credentials can further be linked with the awardee's unique identities like a Passport number, DL, etc.
  • CertifyMe helps your awardee publish your credentials across 50+ social media platforms. Our certificates are also customizable to include a branding banner and a CTA button.
  • Stand out, customize your credential web pages to suit your demands. Our platform helps you white-label your credentials and enables you to customize credential page based on your branding needs.
  • Integrate your LMS with our Zapier integration or use our REST API to directly connect with your application. It just takes 5 min to get started.
  • LinkedIn Integration Helps to add awardees credential to linkedin Lisence and certification section.
  • Our immutable crypto credentials use advanced technologies like the AWS Quantum ledgers to ensure your credentials are secure.
  • Wallet feature helps your awardees to store all the credential issued by Certifyme in a single place.

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