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What is Chalkboard Education?

An L.M.S. for underserved communities.

Based in France, UK and Ghana, our team of engineers and instructional design experts specialise in helping nonprofits, schools and social enterprises scale their training and TVET programs with inclusive mobile learning technologies tailored to isolated or underserved communities.

Our unique, inclusive, technology offers a solution to reach geographically scattered audiences with quality training, ensuring continuous access to training materials without the Internet, and the flawless tracking of trainees’ activity, progress and main KPIs.

Import or create your training content and onboard your trainees remotely in a few clicks with Chalkboard Education: our L.M.S. generates a unique link which is sent to each beneficiary by SMS, through which they access your content seamlessly and offline.

Overview of Chalkboard Education benefits

Chalkboard Education is the only Learning Management System made in West Africa and tailored for underserved communities all around the World. 

A mobile-first, offline-first light weight mobile application for your trainees to access your materials from any device and seamlessly. Complete with an onboarding tutorial designed for beneficiaries with low tech literacy.

Our asynchronous analytics module allows you to track and measure attendance and impact, at scale, and export your KPIs for easy reporting. Our Survey features allow you to poll beneficiaries and export results, at scale.

Chalkboard Education, trusted by international organizations since 2015, trains 10,000s of beneficiaries in West Africa, East Africa, South America and in Canada's northern territories. 


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