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What is ChatFox?

ChatFox is a Slack chatbot designed to help businesses drive employee engagement through various types of conversation starters such as Icebreakers, Shout Outs, Virtual Coffee, and Birthdays. It lets leaders download data comprising team members' participation points, skills, icebreaker responses, and shout out recommendations to improve rewards, skills assessment, and internal mobility.

Key features of ChatFox include employee recognition, peer appraisals, employee profiles, and reporting. Managers can maintain chat cadence within Slack by updating channels and chat schedules, accessing settings and team members' history, reviewing team's activities, and turning on/off chats. The platform provides all users with access to team member profiles, which enables employees to view chat history with other staff members, find connections, and prepare for meetings.

Overview of ChatFox benefits

ChatFox is equipped with built-in time zone algorithms that determine when a team member is active on Slack and confirms their time zone, enabling employees to receive notifications at an optimal time and preventing unwanted notifications after work hours.

ChatFox provides weekly engagement charts, which allow managers to measure engagement of their teams on a weekly basis. The application can be downloaded through the Slack App Directory. It also integrates with Google and Microsoft Outlook calendars.

Employees that work across an organization dont have the same opportunity to get to know each other in the hallways, the water cooler, or around meetings. These opportunities to build meaningful professional relationships directly impact the way employees work together and communicate. ChatFox increases employee engagement by building more meaningful relationships across your organization. We get the conversation started with Virtual Coffees, Icebreakers, ShoutOuts, and Birthday chats.


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