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What is CheckMarket?

CheckMarket is an enterprise survey platform designed to help you and your team create and implement effective and engaging surveys and give you relevant and highly actionable insights.

The software provides you with a vast selection of survey templates crafted by professionals, from which you select ones that suit your needs. Once you are finished creating your surveys, CheckMarket lets you distribute them simultaneously via channels of your preference, whether SMS, email, social media, paper and more.

Unlike traditional survey methods and practices, you no longer have to chase your audience. CheckMarket provides that for you so all you have to do is create and distribute your surveys and simply wait for the results and gain insights.

Overview of CheckMarket benefits

CheckMarket makes it easy for you to create and give out surveys and gather feedback and insight compared to traditional survey and research practices. The software comes with a robust text editor than allows you to build your own template from scratch or you can start by choosing a professionally-designed survey design from CheckMarket’s wide template collection.

When you create your surveys, CheckMarket supplies you with 20 question types to speed up the process. It has an inline editing with autosave functionality to ensure that all modifications and changes you enter are not lost.

You also don’t have to worry about distributing your surveys to international audiences. CheckMarket supports over 40 languages, meaning your survey materials are automatically translated. This makes it easy for your international respondents to provide their answers without dealing with language and translation-related issues.

CheckMarket makes distribution a walk in the park. Whether you want to implement your surveys via social media, web, paper, SMS, phone, or kiosk, CheckMarket has you covered.


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