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What is ChronoBeans?

FREE Time Tracking & Invoice Software exclusively for freelancers, consultants, & self-employed people using a Windows PC. Track billable time & create professional invoices at the click of a button. Use multiple timers while you work or manually add time. Timers include a field to record project notes. Your notes get organized in a separate log with your invoice very professional! Use ChronoBeans FREE for up to 2 clients & 6 projects. Upgrade to $7/mo for unlimited clients & projects.

ChronoBeans came about as a result of observing my wife, an independent graphic designer and marketing consultant, deal with the frustrating monthly process of documenting work logs and creating invoices for clients. I would watch her spending hours piecing together notes and emails to create detailed logs for clients, and then total up billable time to create the invoice. None of this effort could be billed to the client and was lost time. While her level of work log detail was in my opinion a little overboard, it no doubt benefited her customers and clearly showed her billing was ethical. Because of the time involved and nature of this end-of-month task it was often pushed off, resulted in delayed billing and therefore longer delays in getting paid.


Overview of ChronoBeans benefits

Primary features:

ChronoBeans simplifies invoicing to the push of a button.

Tracks time your way - using timers while you work or entering time after you work.

Lets you bill by the hour, by the project, or by the day.

FREE download and easy set up gives you time tracking and invoicing for clients and projects.

Easily customize with your logo or name and choose from a variety of formatting options.
Use the FREE version as long as you like (up to 2 clients and 6 projects).
Subscribe to PREMIUM as your business grows (unlimited clients and projects).

More features & details:

ChronoBeans time tracking & invoice software also lets you:

Generate work reports organized by client, project, and date.

Add expenses at the client or project level.

Set standard billing rates for time by the hour, day, month or fixed bid.

Override rates at the client or project level to meet special needs.

Apply invoice payments against open invoices.

Keep all client and financial data local on your computer with push-button backup.

Say good bye to end of month billing delays.

FREE download - No credit card required - Start Today!


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