Class ON App

Complete School Management ERP Solution especially designed for Indian Schools

Who Uses This Software?

Class On App is a comprehensive school ERP software designed for Indian schools. With 80+ modules, 3 mobile apps, and 30+ school services, it simplifies daily tasks, saves time, and ensures accuracy. Enhance streamline operations and deliver quality education with Class On App

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What is Class ON App?

Class On App is a comprehensive school management software specially designed for Indian schools. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities to simplify and streamline daily tasks in educational institutions. With over 80 modules and three mobile apps, Class On App provides an all-in-one solution for efficient school operations.

The software is equipped with 80+ modules covering various aspects of school management, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in handling administrative tasks. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for all users to navigate and utilize its features. The software operates on a secure cloud system, ensuring the safety of data and information.

Class On App integrates with SMS, voice call, email, and payment gateways, enabling effective communication and convenient payment processing. It supports advanced technologies such as GPS, RFID, QR scanner, and biometrics, providing additional functionalities for tasks like attendance tracking and security measures.

The mobile apps provided by Class On App are multi-language and available on popular platforms. They facilitate seamless communication between students, parents, teachers, staff, and the school. The apps feature inbuilt PDF, audio, and document readers, multi-profile accessibility, smart login systems, and more.

The Parents App replaces traditional school diaries, enabling parents to track their children's progress, homework, fees, attendance, and school activities. The Teacher App simplifies classroom tasks, allowing teachers to track student performance and interact with parents in real time. The Driver App ensures student safety through live school van location tracking.

Overview of Class ON App benefits

Comprehensive Solution: Class On App offers a complete school management solution with over 80 modules, catering to various aspects of school operations.

Streamlined Tasks: The software simplifies and streamlines daily tasks, saving time and effort in managing administrative processes.

Accuracy and Efficiency: Class On App ensures accuracy and efficiency in handling school tasks, minimizing errors and improving overall productivity.

User-Friendly Interface: The app provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy for administrators, teachers, parents, and students to navigate and utilize its features.

Secure Cloud System: Class On App operates on a secure and reliable cloud system, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of school data and information.

Integration Capabilities: The software seamlessly integrates with various communication channels such as SMS, voice calls, emails, and payment gateways, facilitating effective communication and payment processing.

Advanced Technologies: Class On App supports advanced technologies like GPS, RFID, QR scanner, and biometrics, enhancing features such as attendance tracking and security measures.

Regular Updates: The software receives regular updates and new feature enhancements, ensuring that schools have access to the latest tools and functionalities.

Flexible Payment System: Class On App offers a flexible payment system and low cost of ownership, making it affordable for schools of all sizes.

Dedicated Support: A dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist schools with any issues or inquiries, ensuring prompt assistance and guidance.

Mobile Apps: Class On App provides three mobile apps for parents, teachers, and drivers, facilitating seamless communication, real-time interaction, and enhanced safety measures.


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