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What is ClassX?

ClassX lets teachers from around the world create courses for free, enroll unlimited students for free and connect with their student Facebook-style. Combined with this, teachers can sell their course and group access and digital teaching resources in the ClassX marketplace. Payment is made easy through the inbuilt Xcoin virtual currency payment system that keeps all money circulating internal.

What really makes ClassX stand out from the crowd is true social learning. Teachers and administrators can create multi-level groups for departments, classes, cohorts, etc. Each group facilitates internal sharing of messages, documents, video, audio, Zoom meetings, and more.

ClassX courses can include self-graded online quizzes as well as assignments and essays.

Overview of ClassX benefits

1. ClassX is built in WordPress which allows it to utilize the ever-advancing Gutenberg editor.

2. It also means that teachers can import or embed content from over 100 sources, making for rich and engaging courses.

3. ClassX provides unlimited free multi-level courses.

4. Courses can be built with the built-in course builder.

5. Courses can include quizzes made with eight different question types.

6. Courses can include graded assignments and essays.

7. Teachers can sell course and group access, downloadable teaching resources, and tutor services in the ClassX marketplace.

8. Users can message each other, share documents, videos, audio, and more and join Zoom meetings within their groups.

9. Pro Teachers (subscription required) can create and assign course certificates and H5P content.

10. Teachers can send group invites to students or alternatively give out group enroll codes to allow students to self-enroll in the courses.



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