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  • Microlearning
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Supported Specifications
  • xAPI/Tin Can API

What is Coach Microlearning?

Coach is an innovative training app that transforms employee training into a daily fun activity through short lessons and learning games. With just 3-5 minutes of daily use, Coach improves performance and keeps the knowledge fresh.

Detailed Analytics
Coach gives you a complete overview of your organization’s learning progress and detects knowledge gaps before they hurt performance.

Interactive learning games
The games are designed with learning as a primary focus, but they are still fun to play.

AI Training Creation Tool
With a click you can transform your training documents into a full training module complete with micro-lessons and assessment questions.

Personalized experience
Each employee gets questions about the content they need to refresh the most, filling in their knowledge gaps.

Learning methodologies like microlearning and spaced repetition are used to ensure Coach's effects.

Consistency and progress are rewarded with level-ups, specialized achievements, and increasing Global Rank.

Push Notifications
Helps develop a learning habit with notification reminders and streaks.

Overview of Coach Microlearning benefits

Take control of your training process and supercharge your team

Increase Knowledge
Close skill gaps with Coach's engaging learning games and microlessons.

Training Engagement
Boost training effectiveness and drive employee engagement through the roof.

Scale Training
Easy access to training materials anytime, anywhere - without disrupting workflow.

Content management
Manage lessons, questions & news easily in the panel. Create & schedule training for each of your employees.

Training creation automation
Create or import a ContentBlock once, and use it to automatically generate suitable content for your training module.

Real-time Insights
Understand your training process. Drill down to the smallest details, or focus on the big picture with real-time multilevel statistics and insights.

Alerts & Feedback
Get valuable feedback from trainees as they learn, and improve your training process with alerts and suggested actions.


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