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What is COBIDULive?

Fully integrated with COBIDULMS, we offer web conferencing solutions for online learning that enables real-time audio, video, slides, whiteboard, chat, screen sharing and more. It also allows attendees to join conferences with webcams and invite guest speakers. There is no limit to the amount of attendees on COBIDULive. 

We intergrate with the following Conference Solutions:

BigBlueButton, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Adobe Connect. 

COBIDU has a Conference Solution that meets the needs of all educational, governement and large corporate organisations to bring together all the organisation for a Conference at their convenience. You can easily join from your desktop, laptop or mobile device. 


Overview of COBIDULive benefits

Rename And Extend Breakout Rooms
To make the breakout rooms more personalized for the class – and more fun for the students – you can now assign custom names, such as “Red Team” or “Blue Team”. Custom names are also great for organization. For example, if you’re a biology teacher, you may name breakout rooms based on a specific area of study the students are doing such as: “Central nervous system”, “Brain”, and “Skeletal System”. To give your breakout teams more time, you can now extend the duration of breakout rooms with just a few clicks.

Anonymous Polling
To help spark engagement and participation on potentially sensitive topics, you can now conduct anonymous polls. With anonymous polls, when giving their responses, students see a notice that their individual responses are not visible to the instructor. (The individual responses also do not appear on the Learning Analytics Dashboard.)

Simplify Video Sharing
We’ve simplified the students’ view of a shared video to only show a volume indicator (no other controls are visible) to help keep them engaged on the content you are sharing.

Recordings Include Polls And Shared Video Links
When viewing a recording, the poll results and shared video links are now visible in the public chat, making it easier for students viewing the recording to see more of the context for your class.

Virtual Background For Webcams
An improved video performance that loads faster and offers users virtual backgrounds to respect privacy.


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