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What is Cornerstone Recruiting?

Cornerstone Recruiting is a system that provides simple and social HR technology developed specifically for small and medium companies with head count of up to 400 employees. Cornerstone helps to monitor results and obtain insight which can be used by growing businesses to train and nurture their employees.

Cornerstone Growth Edition serves a diverse range of industries including media, technology, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and hospitality. Well-known customers include DB Breweries, Affiliates Management Company, YouGov, Pinkberry, and Capita.

Cornerstone OnDemand's Applicant Tracking System enables recruiting teams to keep track of all job requisitions, manage candidates profiles and resumes, view application statuses, and even exchange candidate feedback, all from one single location. Stakeholders can search for resumes internally and externally, oversee interview schedules, and integrate job boards into their overall HR and recruiting functions.

Overview of Cornerstone Recruiting benefits

Performance Management:

Drill down to the details: Identify star performers, core competencies, and critical roles. View and build graphs to determine growth, trends, and improvements.

View the entire organization: Use the 9 grid Helicopter view to see an overview of your organization and develop a deeper understanding of how your business is performing.

Reach your goals more quickly: Enable employees to set personal and professional goals that can help them reach the next level and contribute useful work to the organization.

A clear picture of performance: 360-degree reviews allow for more detailed reviews of employees, providing a better foundation for decision making on compensation and succession.
Learning Management:

Train and retain your employees: Training and development are proven ways to retain employees. Courses can be self-paced and HR can track employee progress.

Motivate with recognition: Give badges to those who successfully complete trainings. Employees and their managers can track success together.

Content made by you or the vendor: Create tailored courses or select from a library, all SCORM conformed. Offer courses in areas including project management, sales training, and customer service.
Link training to performance: Assign training based on individual needs and performance. Help employees reach individual goals by developing their skills based on role.



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