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What is Coursensu?

Coursensu supports the full learning design workflow. It uses a visual, educational and productive design environment to support your design decisions that are rich in active learning, clearly connected to intended outcomes and crafted on established research-based methods. 

Too many learning experiences are created in documents and spreadsheets. These omit capabilities, limit the designer and can negatively impact the resulting learner experience. 

Our platform is built on established learning design processes, steeped in research-based methods and created with a user-centric interface. 

With Coursensu, learning experience designers can: 

  • Design any learning experience - design to your requirements.
  • Collaborate in real-time - co-create in teams. 
  • Map learning outcomes - visually connect and check alignment 
  • Co-pilot support - you're one step from help with the AI assistant. 
  • Review workflow - ensure readiness and easy stakeholder sign-off.

Utilise active learning

Our integrated pedagogic dictionary contains hundreds of learning terms to inform your ideas. It also helps you explore new methods with the integrated Learning Methods Explorer, which has over 350 different ways to engage learners. 

Make data-informed decisions

Receive personalised suggestions and visualise the experience before content creation. Integrated co-pilot suggestions improve learning outcomes and can make content suggestions. 

Maintain productivity 

Contextual discussion, set tasks and get notified of updates. The productivity tools include ways to ensure team alignment through the design process. Different roles and permissions means you can invite others to your design with the permission to make changes, or leave comments. 

Overview of Coursensu benefits

Coursensu was created by learning designers, for learning designers - Catherine (Learning Designer).

We use this quote to start the benefits, as we couldn't have written it better ourselves.

Having designed hundreds of courses and training packages, with tools like Sheets, Miro or Word, it became apparent that these 'design tools' were feeling like box-filling exercises. 

The benefits of using Coursensu are: 

  1. Work together - as a team on a platform made for you. 
  2. Ensure constructive alignment - see exactly how content connects to intended learning outcomes. 
  3. Design with pedagogical power - go beyond content ideas by adding how the learner will be engaged.  
  4. Replicate greatness over time - create repeatable learning designs, build templates and design at scale. 
  5. Received tailored advice - Coursensu knows where you need support, and the tailored advice appears when you need it most.

Design with research-led expertise

Our methods library, tips and recommendations and workflows are all based on established, globally recognised research. 

Modern, evolving, platform

The design environment feels like a whiteboard, has the backbone of a scholar and gives you a toolkit made to design for learning. Cloud-based, secure, we actively seek your feedback and build features as a result. 

Why use Coursensu for learning designs?

  • Architects get AutoCAD
  • Graphic artists get Canva
  • Product Designers get Figma
  • Learning Designers get Spreadsheets

You deserve better, try Coursensu. 


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