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  • Windows
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
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  • Live Online
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  • Section 508

What is Coursly?

Coursly is a new LMS platform designed to make the work of the student and the teacher convenient and interesting. This platform is made while keeping in mind the requirements of the end-user.

On Coursly, you can make a course in a short span of 10 minutes without any external help! You don’t need to be tech-savvy or take the help of any technical specialists. The salient features of using this platform for your course are the high speed and the immediate feedback on your students’ performance. You can test your students’ progress using interactive quizzes, upload videos, design badges for your student’s progress throughout the course. Students can also easily upload their homework or assignments on the portal which is easily trackable.

Coursly also provides a gamification feature which can help increase student engagement through interactive games. That is not all! You can even set up automatic rewards for your students.

Overview of Coursly benefits

Create your online course

Build & invite students in not time. Make your students love the process of e-learning. Organize your lessons, set up achievements, manage incoming questions and collect homework. Education process has never been so enjoyable. No tech skills required.

Build the course yourself

You do not need the help of a technical specialist. In 10 minutes you can independently assemble a course that fits perfectly into the processes of your school and the needs of your students. Use the full set of tools to make learning rich and interesting.

Upload your video lectures or use YouTube videos. Test students’ knowledge using interactive polls and quizzes. Ask them to upload homework and leave feedback.

  1. Super fast — Build your first course in 10 minutes. Set up lessons and invite students. That's it!
  2. No developers required  No need in any special skills. You know how open the browser — it's enough.
  3. Student experience — The main goal of Coursly is to make the work of the teacher and student learning as comfortable and interesting as possible.



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