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What is Crelate Talent?

Crelate Talent is a talent management and applicant tracking solution that allows recruiters to keep in touch with applicants and evaluate their submissions. The product is designed for recruiting agencies, corporate recruiters, network builders and legal hiring firms.

What Crelate Talent does is to help track applicants throughout the hiring phase through easy and interactive tools. Executive recruiters can utilize it to build quality networks with talented individuals, and retain those to take the organization to the next level.

Using this software, jobs can be posted to multitudes of free job portals. In addition to that, you also get to track your interactions. Last, but not least, it helps create detailed and smart candidate submissions for recruiting agencies.

Overview of Crelate Talent benefits

Crelate Talent allows recruiters of all kinds to track applicants through a very simple process. The applicants are presented in colorful tiles, and you can simply drag and drop them through different phases of the hiring process. This allows recruiters to save time and costs, and hire the right people quickly.

Smart recruiters know that creating powerful networks in any industry is vital in the today’s job market. This software makes it a breeze to track a conversation and keep in touch with talented and influential people.

It becomes even easier to hire people with job postings in several formats and with integrations with numerous popular job portals. The best thing is that it works seamlessly with email so you can save contacts, parse resumes, and start conversations with applicants.

It takes a candidate centric approach and markets the talent the way it should be. The Most Peaceable Candidate Workflows are great for legal and corporate companies, and ensures that the best performers are always visible and prioritized.

In addition to all the tools needed for placement and networking, Crelate is equipped with powerful analytics that break down the numbers and help you filter and understand different metrics. There are many different kinds of reports to help you make sense of the data.


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