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What is Cultr?

Cultr is an award-winning tool for shaping culture and engaging employees, and currently helping companies learn how to work from home. Using challenges and mini-missions, it nudges employees to action and creates an authentic view of the culture and of actions manifesting it. Cultr is based on the assumption that learning from examples of other peoples behavior is a major mechanism of behavior change. Cultr offer campaigns for work from home, to boost belonging etc. Or for any custom objective.

Work is changing: More agile, transparent, mobile, and digital. New generations and new ways of working disrupt the manner companies do business. The Wellevue app and platform have been designed to give companies a new method of working with culture and employee engagement. Giving you the tool to take immediate action and instantly see a more engaged organization.

Overview of Cultr benefits

Employee engagement and company culture are no longer good-to-haves. They are now must-haves for every leader and every executive in an organization. Highly engaged companies can hire more easily, deliver stronger customer experience, have the lowest voluntary turnover rates, and vastly outperform index over the long run.

Recent surveys show that culture and employee engagement are the top priority for business leaders. According to Deloitte, an overwhelming 87% believe the issue is “important,” with 50% citing the problem as “very important”. Yet, only 12% believe their organizations are excellent at effectively driving the desired culture.

Wellevue’s disruptive approach to shaping organizational culture and engaging employees makes it easy to implement and scale in ways not possible before. It’s mobile and allows you to reach out to all people in your organization, whatever position they are in, or wherever they are. It’s fun and social, just like the apps today’s workforce use privately. It’s action oriented. It’s simply your fastest way to get a winning culture.

Whether you are using the latest HR analytics tools that tells you the pulse of your employees and now want to improve, or if you want to make your core values come alive, or just want to energize your organization, Wellevue is the solution for you.


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