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What is CurrentWare | Employee Monitoring & Cybersecurity?

CurrentWare is a user activity monitoring, data loss prevention, internet management, and cybersecurity software suite. Each module can be purchased individually or as a full suite for the best value.

With CurrentWare's diverse yet intuitive feature set you will improve employee productivity, data security, and business intelligence with advanced awareness and control over how technology is used in your organization.

CurrentWare is committed to supporting its customers' security and productivity with intuitive, fairly priced products backed by our expert software development and customer success teams.

The CurrentWare team prides itself on its high-quality customer support. We will support you every step of the way—whether you’re just starting your free trial or actively using CurrentWare in your network.


Overview of CurrentWare | Employee Monitoring & Cybersecurity benefits

  • Remote Workforce Management: Offer location flexibility without sacrificing accountability
  • Workforce Analytics: Optimize processes & technology usage
  • Data Security: Protect sensitive data and endpoints against  accidental and malicious insider threats
  • Security Compliance: CurrentWare provides critical security controls that are required by the majority of cybersecurity compliance frameworks, including USB control, web filtering, and data loss prevention
  • Improve Productivity: Track unproductive web browsing, app usage, and idle time to detect excessive time-wasting
  • HR Investigations: CurrentWare is the digital witness you need to gather proof of employee misconduct—whether they’re working from home or in the office.
  • Data Control: The CurrentWare Suite is hosted and managed by your company either on-premises, through VDI, or using a cloud service provider of your choice; CurrentWare cannot access your user’s data or modify your policies

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