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What is DATABASICS Time?

DATABASICS Time is a time management and reporting solution for mid-size and enterprise businesses. With DATABASICS Expense, companies can record, track, and approve timesheets, handle workflow and policy enforcement, manage employee leave, and view reports with real-time data.

DATABASICS Time allows companies to handle all time and attendance tracking from one centralized platform accessible from in any location via desktop, tablet, or mobile device. DATABASICS' timesheets include automatic start and stop functions, geofencing to track employee location, and customizable email alerts. DATABASICS Time offers built-in business rules and compliance tools to ensure that all government regulations and company policies are met.

DATABASICS Time also offers several project tracking features, such as time tracking and billing, cost allocation and budgeting, and GPS tracking. Users can track billable hours down to the minute, use real-time data to analyze costs, and communicate between systems. With DATABASICS Time, companies have access to real-time data reports that provide full visibility of job costing, project management, payroll, and billing.

Overview of DATABASICS Time benefits

DATABASICS Time allows for the faster, easier, and more efficient filing and submission of expense reports and time logs of employees by centralizing said workflows and more in the cloud. As everything is cloud-based, you and your employees can easily access the system and all the data from anywhere at any given time via desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

From the administration’s side, DATABASICS Time helps put your company’s HR, finance, payroll, and travel systems in the same boat. All systems can access the same information, which leads to faster and more efficient processes while your organization saves time and operational costs across all your essential departments.

DATABASICS Time comes with mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, enabling you to perform your tasks, access data, retrieve timesheets, create invoices, and more even when you are on the go.

As communication between business systems and applications are opened up, you get complete visibility over your company’s costs. DATABASICS Time’s modifiable dashboards are able to drill down to smallest details to provide you the data you exactly need.

DATABASICS Time helps you enforce business rules that result in total compliance as well as empower employees to improve productivity and output. Better mileage tracking with GPS data and faster reimbursement ensure accurate travel expense reporting and faster and easier auditing.


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