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What is DaysToHappy?

DaysToHappy is a people experience platform (PXP) designed to help managers streamline employee engagement within their organization using next-gen mobile technology, human science, and positive psychology. The innovative employee platform lets supervisors manage daily engagement that helps train, motivate, connect, and inspire employees.

Key features of DaysToHappy include manager-to-peer recognition, peer-to-peer recognition, performance management, recognition tracking, social recognition, mention management, goals, nominations, action planning, and pulse surveys. The system allows employees to engage in mindfulness activities, connect with managers and team leaders through video-based communication, and receive leadership updates on a regular basis.

DaysToHappy enables managers to recognize employees each week, visualize progress using a mobile dashboard, and receive a pulse every week to gain insights into employee engagement. The employee feedback engine helps organizations collect feedback from staff members to improve decision making processes and provide an optimal professional environment to employees.

Overview of DaysToHappy benefits

We work with some of the world’s most influential companies & look forward to helping your employees, customers, patients, students, customers and YOU be happy, engaged & truly thrive!

Plus, we've learned that enjoying the journey is key, which is why we take advantage of every opportunity to smile, laugh, serve & help others along the way.

Exciting times ahead!

No more lengthy surveys. Instead, let employees take a brief discovery journey. Use the analytics to create intentional, uplifting activities that will improve employee engagement. Activities can be sent to your employees through our Next Gen PXP Software. When employees are engaged, companies make 4X the profits, 2X the revenue, and up to 40% higher employee performance. No app or login required. Employees won't be bogged down or distracted, but energized, inspired, and most of all, happier.


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