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What is DeskAlerts?

DeskAlerts is an internal communications solution which allows businesses to send alerts to staff via any corporate devices, including PCs, mobile devices, tablets, and more. Businesses can utilize one single platform to send out alerts to over 10,000 users in a matter of seconds, to ensure everyone receives important business announcements and updates.

With DeskAlerts, management can send pop-up desktop alerts to employees' screens that block their work until the message has been read. Alerts can also be sent out to employees via mobile push notifications, SMS messages, or emails, meaning alerts will always be received and seen by all employees. The DeskAlerts software automatically tracks and stores alert activity and views with centralized storage that provides instant reporting on user receipt and message views. Businesses can create secure and seamless workflows with DeskAlerts’ integration capabilities with Active Directory, SSO, and API integrations.

When there is any sudden issue or critical situation, users with the relevant permissions can instantly notify all employees or specific departments. DeskAlerts allows users to utilize one interface to directly send a newsletter or announcements about important company events to employees' desktops or mobile devices. These messages can’t be skipped, ignored or minimized and will even appear on screens that are locked, on standby or on screensaver mode.

Overview of DeskAlerts benefits

DeskAlerts is the very popular Enterprise Alerting Software. Companies like Hilton, American Express, KRKA, Magura Asia Ltd. Use DeskAlerts to deliver pop-up alerts to more than 10,000 users' screens and to block an employee's work until he or she reads the message to the end. It's guaranteed that alerts will be received and seen by 100% of employees. DeskAlerts is a multi-channel alerting software with a lot of communication features including desktop alerts, mobile alerts, SMS...

DeskAlerts Alerting Software is a special system that allows for the transmission of information to a large number of people effectively and guarantees to catch attention of receivers without causing any disturbances.  This powerful tool lets you quickly communicate with everyone in your workplace about current or planned tasks, taking pressure off your IT department or help desk without relying on email.

You can instantly tell who has seen and read your messages and gather statistics that you can use to demonstrate your communication efforts.


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