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What is DigiSME?

DigiSME is an integrated HR management system designed to streamline various HR tasks for businesses. Its comprehensive modules include time attendance tracking, payroll management, leave and claims management, performance appraisal, and onboarding/training/feedback management. DigiSME also offers a mobile application for convenient access, featuring advanced attendance tracking functionalities like facial recognition and geotagging for high accuracy and security. DigiSME not only simplifies HR tasks but also enhances overall workforce management. By centralizing essential HR functions like time tracking, payslip generation, and performance management, businesses can efficiently allocate resources and improve employee productivity. The mobile app facilitates real-time updates, fostering agility and transparency within the organization. 

Overview of DigiSME benefits

DigiSME presents a comprehensive HR solution with modules tailored to enhance various aspects of workforce management. The Cloud Mobile Attendance App enables remote clock-ins, while leave balances are easily checked through the intuitive web / mobile interface. Employers can enable geo-location tracking and Wi-Fi restrictions for employees when they mark attendance. Real-time facial recognition features ensure accurate time attendance. Also, the claims management feature automates the handling of employee claims and streamlines reimbursement processes. We set ourselves apart by making security our top priority. We have a dedicated cyber security team & are certified with the highest level security standards. With each module addressing specific needs, DigiSME empowers businesses to focus on growth initiatives while ensuring compliance and fostering a seamless employee experience. 


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