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Supported Specifications

Overview of dulann benefits

End-User Driven LMS = Higher Compliance
You can choose from a library of engaging, self-paced, self-directed best in breed eLearning courses or you can simply create your own. All courses are customisable and of course, we also build bespoke courses for some of the world’s finest. Save time and money by training not just your employees, but why not contractors, suppliers, and customers.

Journey Driven
Different strokes for different folks. Not everyone has the same exposure to technology, nor do we all have the same literacy skills. For this reason, mobile-first is simply no longer good enough. we build software that is "Journey Driven" as we recognise that there are those who need to know a lot and there are those that need to know an awful lot, but there are those who simply want to complete a simple task and get on with their day

We digitally transform, traditional paperwork & traditional processes! It's that simple!! You're systems work, all we are doing is helping you digitise what you are doing so that you can become more efficient and cost-effective!


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