• Academic
  • Freelancers
  • Large Enterprises (>10,000)
  • Public Administrations
  • Small/Medium Businesses
Use Cases
  • Employee Training
  • Desktop Application
  • Mobile Application
  • Self-Hosted System
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Documentation
  • Live Online
  • Online Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Email
  • Phone
Supported Specifications
  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004
  • SCORM 2004 3rd Edition
  • SCORM 2004 4th Edition
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What is EasyProf?

EasyProf® is an easy and powerful authoring tool to create attractive and effective e-learning content. This software allows users without a specific digital profile to create interactive multimedia courses from start to finish with just a few clicks. High quality pedagogical courses can be created in weeks, run on any e-learning platform, on any device and can be updated in minutes.

The best e-learning product is one that integrates and combines different ingredients: text with multimedia, games with content, simulations and situations, practice with theory.
In a single software EasyProf® does it all, allowing the creation of content from the simplest to the most sophisticated and including resources such as: electronic books, tests, educational activities, games or virtual reality.

The result will be a course visible on websites, LMS or local platforms, on any mobile device and to the taste of the most demanding of teachers and trainers.

Therefore, Whether you are an author, trainer, instructor or tutor, with EasyProf® you can create, distribute, and update at once powerful courses visible on the web, LMS platforms or any mobile device.

Overview of EasyProf benefits

ITANOVA (Innovative Training Academy SAS), developer of EasyProf®, is a company specialized in the conception and creation of e-learning content editing software. On an international scale, its field of action is situated both in education and in the business world, being one of the companies with the longest experience in the sector.

The ITANOVA team, present in Paris and Barcelona and under the slogan Learning for a better world, has more than 20 years of experience in creating e-learning content, as well as a proven know-how in the application of global solutions for schools, training organizations, universities, companies and international organizations such as Olympus, Enaire or Universität Bremen.

  • All-in-one tool
  • Interface to facilitate the control of the project
  • Gallery of customizable templates
  • Actions
  • Student tracking
  • Test emgine
  • Preview and output in HTML, SCORM or local
  • Responsive and standard design
  • Multilingual

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