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What is EasySend?

EasySend is a digital application building software that helps businesses in the insurance and finance industry create claims, policies, P&C on-boarding forms, loan agreements and more on a centralized platform. Employees can use the drag-and-drop interface and pre-built components to build custom forms and agreements.

EasySend uses conditional logic and decision trees to create multi-person and multi-steps workflows, streamlining policy building operations. Administrators can configure the platform in multiple languages and set up user roles and permissions to ensure data security. The builder module lets users generate forms with multiple themes, mark-ups, labels, images, text fields, titles, and check-boxes. It also allows users to capture electronic signatures from customers to validate policies and agreements.

EasySend comes with an API, which lets businesses integrate the system with several third-party solutions, including Salesforce, Microsoft, and Digital Vault. The analytics dashboard lets staff members conduct A/B testing to identify best performing applications.

Overview of EasySend benefits

Make customer data collection simple & enjoyable:
Drive digital transformation and accelerate innovation
Enhance customer satisfaction & customer experience
Continuously improve and optimize
Maintain compliance and legal aspects of your process
Maintain data integrity with real-time data validation

Simple and intuitive digital application builder

For Insurance and Financial Services
Build faster

Deploy new digital products quickly

Smoothly distribute products and digitalize tedious manual processes quickly and at scale.
Innovate smarter

Digitize paperwork and improve CX

Improve customer experience, empower your distribution channels and remove friction from the sales process
Drive growth

Boost operational efficiency & revenue

Eliminate manual data collection, reduce operational costs and friction and maintain data integrity


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